“Our vision is to make UWA’s Faculty of Engineering and Mathematical Sciences one of the top 100 engineering institutions in the world – globally recognised for finding multidisciplinary solutions to the challenges that face modern society.”

Professor John Dell, Executive Dean.


EZONE UWA Student Hub Objectives

  1. Unparalleled student experience
  2. Support new teaching models
  3. Foster inter-disciplinary collaboration
  4. Vibrant space for industry, alumni and community and (pre-) start-ups
  5. Cost effective and sustainable
  6. Support culture change across Faculty
  7. Maximise student learning as part of EZONE design, construction, commissioning and operations  

Scheduled Works

Please note: work on site commences at 6.30a, until 4pm, Monday to Saturday 

Works planned to occur: 1 - 14 October

Building 222 (Environmental Systems Engineering) 

Activities occurring:

  • Services to ceilings and walls
  • Floor grinding
  • Structural steel works underway
  • External brick work will commence
  • External services corridor and in-ground hydraulic tank works are underway

What to expect / how may this impact you?

  • Intermittent demolition noise (drilling and grinding work noise on all sides of the site.) 
  • Consistent minor dust
  • Constant vehicle movement into the site and southern gate 3 and Fairway.  

Building 275

Activities Occurring:

  • In ground services and service trenching to the east-side of the project
  • Footings
  • Rising concrete structure

 What to expect / how may this impact you?

  • Ongoing earthworks and compaction
  • Vehicle movement moving in and out of site
  • Constant vehicle movement into the site, southern gate 3 and Fairway 


Current Updates

Next step in EZONE refurbishment

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04 Dec 2017

The realisation of EZONE UWA is a step closer, with the next stage of refurbishment works commencing at the Faculty of Engineering and Mathematical Sciences.

EZONE UWA site refurbishment work commencing

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24 May 2017

EZONE UWA will transform the way we educate our students, undertake our research and engage with our community.

EZONE UWA development application submitted to Perth City Council

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27 Mar 2017

The development application for EZONE UWA was submitted to Perth City Council on 27 February 2017

Crowdsourcing brings creative design solutions to EZONE UWA Project

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17 Oct 2016

An innovative crowdsourced design challenge for the revolutionary EZONE UWA, an infrastructure project to build a new student hub for learning, research and community engagement space, was recently held over two days at The University of Western Australia.

Game of Ezones

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25 Aug 2016

Game of EZONEs was a 1.5 day ‘Hackathon-style’ event where staff and postgraduate students from across the University were invited to compete and develop ideas to ensure the space reaches its full potential (sustainable, efficient, innovative, collaborative) whilst delivering significant value. 

World-class engineering zone for UWA

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30 Nov 2015

The University of Western Australia’s vision for a new world-leading engineering zone is moving closer to reality, with approval for the first $80 million of an estimated $600 million works to build an engineering hub, known as EZONE UWA.

New BHP Billiton Research Fellow in Engineering for Remote Operations

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16 Oct 2015

The Faculty of Engineering, Computing and Mathematics will receive $12 million to go towards the creation of the world-class Engineering Zone (EZONE UWA), a BHP Billiton Fellow in Engineering for Remote Operations and BHP Billiton Scholarships. 

Woodside invests $10 million in EZONE UWA

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25 Sep 2014

Woodside and The University of Western Australia have today announced a $10 million investment in the University's revolutionary engineering research, teaching and learning facility project, known as EZONE UWA.

UWA engineers top Australia’s most influential list

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07 Jul 2014

UWA engineering graduates have been honoured for their significant contributions and impact to our nation by Engineers Australia. 

Dr Peter Lilly leads EZONE UWA project

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01 May 2014

Dr Peter Lilly took up his new role in April, and is coordinating all activities related to the project including architects, community relations, political engagement and fundraising. 

Alumnus Ainslie Robert Telford leaves legacy to UWA Engineering

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09 Apr 2014

A generous gift from the estate of the late engineer Ainslie Robert Telford will have a significant impact on the establishment of The University of Western Australia’s Engineering Zone.

BHP invests $12 million in EZONE UWA

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16 Dec 2013

The Faculty of Engineering, Computing and Mathematics will receive $12 million to go towards the creation of the world-class Engineering Zone (EZONE UWA), a BHP Billiton Fellow in Engineering for Remote Operations and BHP Billiton Scholarships. 

Foundation Partners

BHP LogoLogo for Woodside



What is the scope of EZONE UWA Student Hub?

The Ezone UWA development is a multi-phase project, with the current phase focusing on the Student Hub, an area for student learning and multi-disciplinary and industry collaboration.

The scope of EZONE UWA includes all teaching, engagement with students, industry, alumni and colleagues, and research within the Faculty of Engineering and Mathematical Sciences. The EZONE UWA project will develop the desired culture and capability needed to create an environment that empowers people to change the world.

What risks are anticipated, apart from funding, and how are these being managed?

The primary nonfinancial risks relate to reputation of the Faculty and University, both with students and industry. When consulting with industry, a case was put forward to develop not only a new infrastructure but also a new culture that is significantly more cooperative, supports multi- and trans-disciplinary teaching and research, and makes industry collaboration in teaching and research significantly more achievable.

What is the expected financial cost of the Student Hub Component of EZONE UWA refurbishment and new buildings?

The overall, long term concept of the EZONE UWA has been estimated to cost in the range of $600-700m, with Phase one, the Student Hub to cost around $80m and includes a new development to the Environmental Systems Engineering building.

How does EZONE UWA fit in with "IQ" (Innovation Quarter) and other Faculty plans?

The Innovation Quarter was developed in response to initial discussions with industry about what was needed in order to secure investment in EZONE UWA. The end goal for EZONE UWA (including completion of Phases 1c, 1d, and onwards through Stages 2 and 3), is to provides significant opportunity to co-locate with industry, as well as additional space for spin-out companies to start the commercialisation process. IQ is a recognition that we need to do this sooner than the time frame set for Stages 2 and 3 of EZONE UWA. The link between IQ and EZONE UWA will be maintained, as existing IQ activities already contribute to the culture change aspect of EZONE UWA.

What type of consultation will be undertaken regarding the refurbishment and construction of the new space in the Student Hub including both new and refurbished buildings?

Consultation on the new and refurbished spaces in the Student Hub has already occurred via several channels and more opportunities will become available as the project progresses. Input and feedback on EZONE UWA has been sought from Industry Advisory Panels, the Dean's Council, the EZONE UWA Reference Group, and School roadshows. Specialty user groups will be consulted regarding the design of dedicated labs and interviews have been conducted by Integrated Energy to gain input from a wide cross-section of the Faculty.

What is the timing of key phases of the refurbishment and construction?

EZONE UWA is a multi-stage construction and refurbishment program, with the Student Hub construction commencing in 2017 and completed before the 2020 academic year.

What are the key learnings from other redevelopment programs undertaken by UWA and other universities that we can apply to the Student Hub?

  • Student experience is enhanced by creating a space for formal and informal learning that are integrated and focus on the needs of a diverse group of students.
  • Spaces for collaboration, as well as quiet study are required for students
  • Cross-disciplinary activities enhance outcomes for students.
  • State of the art technology and learning methods are improving the student experience and outcomes.
  • Flat floor teaching space are critical to new ways of learning.
  • Connectivity between different groups is essential for collaboration
  • Having engaging, connected space is important for students to feel part of the University
  • Visual access to activities is important if the space is to be used effectively

Is the Clough Engineering Student Centre building heritage listed?

The Clough Engineering Student Centre building is not heritage listed. However the Eastern façade of the building has been deemed by the University to have special historical significance, representing a particular architectural period in the University's history.

What is the business case for new or refurbished buildings in the Student Hub?

There is a comprehensive business case for the Student Hub that has been passed by the University's Strategic Resource Committee (a committee of the Senate), and subsequently endorsed by full Senate. The business case is based on:

  • Providing an enhanced student experience, that will improve their outcomes and employability.
  • A full financial model showing a significant internal rate of return and net present value for the project.

Space and Technology

What features of the workspace are being considered?

Key features of the new workspace being considered include:

  • Flexible teaching studios that are available to all schools across the Faculty
  • Dedicated labs for schools that typically require fixed space due the size, weight or type of equipment in use or services required
  • Dedicated, secure space for a number of HDR students, that allows quiet and collaborative working to occur
  • Dedicated space for students to socialise, collaborate and work quietly
  • Student Support and Support Technicians

What is the layout plan for the Student Hub? Who/what will be where?

The new development and refurbishment of the Environmental Systems Engineering building will be integrated into one Student Hub building and will house specialist labs, flexible teaching studios, flexible student workspace, dedicated HDR workspace, support services and a community hub space. Other support and academic staff will be located within the physical buildings available to the Faculty.

Relocation of staff and labs will occur if they are currently located within the footprint of the refurbishment of the ESE building and the new development’s construction footprint (north end of Civil and Mechanical Engineering). In such cases, the Faculty Facilities Management team will be in consultation with staff regarding any relocation required.

All other layout plans within EZONE UWA in Crawley, Albany and Shenton Park, will remain unchanged.

What will be different about the way the space is used?

The new types of spaces being considered will provide more opportunity for both planned and spontaneous collaboration, will accommodate different needs in the same space and will enable the delivery of the latest teaching pedagogy.

Will the office space be open plan?

Open plan space will be considered where appropriate. For example the student space will be a mix of open, collaborative workspace, quiet, individual workspace, and small group working space. Similarly, reception spaces and IT have been found to be more effective in open environments and this will continue if appropriate.

When will people begin to see changes or be asked to move to new or temporary work locations? Where will they be relocated to?

Plans have been rolled out progressively. Necessary relocations have commenced and will continue through 2017. Those who work in an area that will be impacted by the refurbishment or construction will be notified by their School/Department management once decant and movement plans have been developed and agreed.

How will building security be managed?

The refurbishment and new development will incorporate swipe access technology to restrict unauthorised access to zones that require secure protocols be in place.