Alumnus Ainslie Robert Telford leaves legacy to UWA Engineering

A generous gift from the estate of the late engineer Ainslie Robert Telford will have a significant impact on the establishment of The University of Western Australia’s Engineering Zone (EZONE UWA).

The $6 million-plus gift to UWA’s School of Mechanical and Chemical Engineering reflects Mr Telford’s support for engineering education and the many life opportunities it can bring.

“He had an appreciation of where he came from. He also had an appreciation of the education he received, but more so of the times he spent at The University of Western Australia,” said Linton Lethlean, Mr Telford’s executor.

Mr Telford’s own engineering studies were cut short by the outbreak of World War II and he only completed his degree at UWA after the war had ended, graduating in 1947. He then moved to Melbourne where he began a long, successful career. After retiring in his late fifties Mr Telford travelled the world for two decades, visiting relatives and friends.

EZONE UWA will provide a network of new and upgraded facilities that will enrich the student experience, encourage greater collaboration with industry and provide a world-class centre of engineering excellence.

The Dean of the Faculty of Engineering, Computing and Mathematics, Winthrop Professor John Dell, said Mr Telford’s bequest will benefit UWA’s engineering students.

“His generosity and foresight will enable future generations of engineering students to be taught in the world-class Engineering Zone, helping them realise their potential to change the world,” Professor Dell said.



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