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Game of EZONEs was a 1.5 day ‘Hackathon-style’ event where staff and postgraduate students from across the University were invited to compete and develop ideas to ensure the space reaches its full potential (sustainable, efficient, innovative, collaborative) whilst delivering significant value. 

Held on Saturday 3 September 2016, the event saw students and EZONE UWA stakeholders from across UWA come together to develop game-changing design ideas to maximise the sustainability of the building space, reduce infrastructure costs and provide technological solutions to transform learning and student outcomes. 



FAQs - The Game of EZONEs – What’s that??

What is the Game of EZONEs?

  • EZONE UWA is the development of a new Student Hub for the Engineering Computing and Mathematics Faculty. The Game of EZONEs is the opportunity for student to come up with some good ideas on how to do that. It is a 1½ day event where teams will compete to come up with the best ideas for the facilities.
  • It is a process where teams of 5-6 people compete, are creative and come up with awesome ideas.
  • Experience has shown that it is often people that are not specialists or even know very much about the topic that come up with the best ideas. That’s why we don’t need anyone with any particular knowledge of student facilities or buildings or teaching and learning methods.
What is the purpose of the event?
  • The UWA ECM Faculty and Campus Management are seeking innovative ways to improve the value of the EZONE Student Hub project. Value is a combination of the functionality, initial and operating cost, sustainability profile and inspiration provided. Value is also if we come up with better ways to teach and learn, or better ways to support students or provide better facilities. You can help us with that.
  • Another purpose is to provide some industry engagement for students. There will be business, architecture, engineering and data a mathematical sciences represented.

Why is Hon. Bill Marmion Launching the Event?

  • As WA Minister for Innovation he is passionate about innovation contribution to WA future, and has shown his support at a number of similar events.

Why does it sometimes get called a ‘hackathon’?

  • Hackathon was originally used to describe an event that coders and data scientists got together to collaborate intensively on software projects. The term is now often used to describe any intense collaborative gathering to very quickly solve problems, come up with solutions – often nothing to do with data or coding. This event has nothing to do with data or coding.

Why does it work?

  • It works because a lot of our problem solving ability is inhibited by us over-thinking and coming up with reasons it will not work before ideas have had a chance to develop. It works because people support each other add to someone ideas even if their initial reaction is to say “can’t be done”. It works because there is not enough time to over-think the problem. It works because you want to win the prize and work flat out to beat the completion.
What would be expected of me on the day?
  • In groups you will be asked to come up with an idea or proposal based on problems statements some thing like these (the final ones will be sent out before the event)

How can teaching a learning, or research be done in completely different innovative way: could technology be used differently? Could the collaboration be done defiantly? Could different facilities be provided?

  • Cost: What innovative technologies or design features can be used to reduce the initial capital cost and or reduce the ongoing operating costs of the EZONE Student Hub (we will provide you pictures and details what is currently envisaged? You propose something completely different.
  • Sustainability: Consistent with the budget, what technologies can be used to improve the environment, social, community performance of the facilities.
  • Inspiration: What innovation could be used to inspire you and future generations of students at UWA? What would you have to do to ensure the photos of this facilities get 20 million hits because it inspires people?

Who decides the Winners:

We have an amazing group of judges including:

  • Prof. Simon Anderson – Dean of Architecture UWA
  • Carolina Leao – Transformation Lead BHPBilliton
  • Peter Lilly – Former EZONE UWA Director
  • Andrew Walker – Fleet Engineering

Who can attend?

  • Anyone can get involved, including non-UWA students. We have also asked UWA Alumni to attend.
  • You do not need any background or specialist knowledge. You just need to be enthusiastic, prepared to listen to other and want you team to win.
  • This student hub is mostly not totally focused on Engineering Computing and Mathemetics Faculty. But the best solutions may come from Architecture, or Business or Ancient History students – anyone really!

What should I bring?

  • Bring a laptop – not mandatory but will help.
  • Your best ideas!
  • Everything else will be provided, including food and drinks.

How do I register?

  • Register here: closed.

Will this cost me money?

  • No – it is absolutely free.

What’s the event schedule?

  • 4.30pm Friday 2 September - Event Launch
  • 8am- 5.30pm Saturday 3 September – Challenge Day

What’s in it for me?

  • Interaction with potential employers/ industry and Government representatives.
  • Not only will your team have the chance to win $5000, but it will also provide you with the opportunity to engage with Industry, the E-ZONE architects and the UWA EZONE Project Team.
  • Did we mention free food?

How are teams formed?

  • You can register as an individual and we will put you in a team, or propose a group of 4-5 people. If you propose your own group please remember you will have much greater chance of success if it is a diversified team (not from same discipline, or experience). We may add some UWA Alumni of staff members to your team to spread them around.



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