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Students in the Clough Engineering Student Centre

We are developing a new way of educating future engineers — one that reflects the challenges facing industry. The Engineering Zone (EZONE UWA) is about providing infrastructure to realise our new approach to teaching and research. Yes, the engineers of tomorrow must have technical depth. They must also have an understanding that projects are much more than technical specifications. They are financial, social and cultural. The most robust solutions come from a multidisciplinary approach. This is truer now than ever before.

The same applies in research. The solutions to societal and industry challenges will no longer come from a single discipline. That is why EZONE UWA will make interdisciplinary collaboration a standard way of operating, a catalyst for complex approaches to complex issues that go well beyond the fields of engineering, computing and mathematics.

UWA has a reputation for innovation, excellence and industry relevance. Now we need the infrastructure to go further, to push the limits of anything that has been done before. Through EZONE UWA, we will take the next big step in collaborative learning and research. We are not content to rest on our laurels and we believe there are people out there who want us to take hold of that leadership role and run with it. I believe Western Australia needs that. The country, the world, need that. 

The region in which we operate is home to more than 60 per cent of the world’s population, with China and India dominating. Massive urbanisation in those countries is raising critical questions about the sustainable delivery of water, energy and food to major population centres, with the producers of these essential resources located farther and farther away. Already, UWA is internationally recognised for our work related to remote operations. EZONE UWA will create the infrastructure that supports our mission to empower people to change the world. Our aim is to be recognised internationally for the excellence and relevance of our work, ensuring UWA reaches its goal to be a top 50 university by 2050. The true measure of our work will be whether, through education and research, we are able to lead on issues of sustainability, living standards and resource management. EZONE UWA and the multidisciplinary teams we bring together, will make sure we do.

Engineering has been at the heart of UWA since its founding and Mining Engineering was one of the foundation professorships. EZONE UWA will build on our successful history and, at the same time, transform how we work to reflect the economic and social needs of Western Australia and the world. I am proud to be part of the team making this happen and am determined to succeed, for our students, our staff and, most importantly, our community. 

- Winthrop Professor John Dell, Dean, Faculty of Engineering, Computing and Mathematics. 



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